Length: 239 pages.
Genre: Contemporary romance.
Release date: January 2020.
Publisher: Self-published – All main platforms
Language: English.
Formats: Ebook + Paperback (Amazon Exclusive).

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Adara is a woman who rejects the idea of suppressing her opinions and reflections; she has not read so many books to remain quiet. She also does not hold back in expressing the first thing that crosses her mind, especially the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Azhat, Sheikh Bashah al-Muhabitti, who appears attracted by the sensual chemistry that is forged between them as they grow up. When she turns eighteen years of age, the man that she had considered her friend, betrays and humiliates her publicly. Adara abandons the country and takes along her broken heart, but also the desire to remake her life in liberty and to forget the sensual dark-eyed prince, forever.

Intelligent and with a firm character, the attractive prince Bashah is not only preceded by his fame as a coveted bachelor, but also for that of a future king with a progressive vision. Even though seven years have passed, he cannot forget the only person who, in honor of his country, he betrayed. During a cultural exposition in London, he once again finds himself with the unforgettable blue eyes of Adara Rizik. The attraction that had remained trapped in the confines of the past once again is brought back to life as a flare that appears to consume every atom that impulses them to keep away from each other, until the day in which Bashah discovers a secret that not only makes him furious but also increases his determination to once again have his old love between his arms.

Each book of the series could be read as a stand-alone novel. No cliffhanger. Enjoy the journey!