Length: 110 pages.
Genre: Contemporary romance.
Release date: March 2017
Publisher: Selfpublished – Amazon.
Language: English.
Translator: Daniela Singer.
Formats: Ebook + Paperback.

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Lauren Wade is desperate; her work visa in Holland is about to expire. She decides to start a race against the clock in the middle of the holiday season; to get a job that will allow her to stay in Amsterdam. She’s determined to get what she wants no matter what. So when a not so innocent old lady offers her a job in exchange for getting her stubborn grandson to go to a family party, Lauren doesn’t hesitate to take it. The real challenge starts when she meets Caleb Bescott and she realizes that he’s not only an attractive man but also an incredibly tough enemy if he finds out he’s been manipulated or mocked.

Caleb Bescott truly enjoys his success in New York but what he enjoys the most is sharing it with his family. Unfortunately, he lives very far from his favorite person: his grandmother, Sylvinna. His grandmother always finds a way for him to reorganize his entire schedule just to visit her in Holland, and that’s why this time he decides to take his work team from New York to Amsterdam and spend Christmas with his loved ones. However, the last thing Caleb wants to do is go to the traditional family party knowing that Sylvinna is trying to set him up with her best friend’s daughter. He only has a few days before going back to New York and he wants to enjoy them without that pressure. Casual relationships are always entertaining but when the clever and chatty Lauren Wade enters his life, he believes he’s found something different and special. At least that’s what he thinks until he finds out she’s nothing more than an opportunist.